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8 week old laying hens for sale

Posted 4/24/2015 5:25pm by Anna Martin.

Get a head start on egg production. 8 week old Red Sex Link pullets for sale (hatch date 2/23). Excellent layers of large, brown eggs + good foragers = great for pasture-based systems. Chicks have been raised on Certified Organic Starter mash. Fully feathered and ready to start ranging during the day. Will need a coop and heat lamp at night for another few weeks. Price is $10/each or $8.50 for 10+. I have an excess of about 65 pullets.

Poultry Processing--space available on 12/6/2019February 19th, 2019

space available for 250 birds

We're closed for the season. See you agian in 2020! on 12/10/2019February 19th, 2019

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space available for 250 birs